Meet The Rogues — Melinda Kucsera

Meet The Rogues — Melinda Kucsera

Author Melinda Kucsera

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi readers, our scribe wasn’t available for comment since we locked her into her apartment and took away her internet access. Getting that all-important page time is our mission in life since we only exist when you read us. So our scribe needs to spend as much time as possible writing our stories, and we, her characters, must spend all our time with you, lucky readers. Sounds like a fair trade, right?

So who are we? We’re the cast of her Curse Breaker series. We’re also her imaginary friends. But if you’re reading this, then we’re not so imaginary anymore, are we? 😉

We don’t have time to introduce everyone in the cast, so I’ll start with me. I’m Ran, the son, sidekick and official biographer of my father, Sarn. Sarn is the curse breaker and most of Melinda Kucsera’s (our scribe’s) books ( revolve around us. Together, we get into all kinds of magical mayhem. 🙂 We also run Melinda’s newsletter. 🙂

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Melinda’s always had a 360-degree view of all our shenanigans. So one day when she was a little girl, she stopped watching our adventures and started chronicling them. (That was the best day ever.)

We’re always willing to rewind the action and replay it at need to ensure she captures everything we do. Aren’t we the best characters in the world? Now we have an army surrounding her home that allows no one to enter so we can ensure our scribe’s precious writing time is never interrupted.

Wait a minute—what is that dragon doing over there? Hey! Don’t you dare abscond with our scribe. Come back here this instant!

Have events or people in your life ever inspired scenes or characters in any of your books?

Umm, I hate to break it to you, but I’m a real person. My name is Ran, and I’m the son, sidekick and official biographer of my father, Sarn, the Curse Breaker. We might live in a fantastical world full of magic. But I assure you, we’re not fictional.

Our world exists somewhere beyond dreams. Somehow our scribe, Melinda, can open portals to our world. There’s a book coming out soon (Curse Breaker’s Companion: Catch a Scribe) that explain all that and just how characters like me can cross over to your world. More about that coming soon.

What is your favorite/most frustrating part of the writing or publishing process?

That’s easy. Since Melinda is the only scribe who can see our world or interact with it, she’s the only one who can write down our stories. So, she’s besieged by requests on an hourly basis. Her inbox is a scary place.

What inspired you to write your last book?

I’ll answer this one. Move over, Ran. Hi, this is Shade. I’m a friend of Ran’s father.

I begged Melinda to tell the story of how Sarn and I met, and that story was recently published in an anthology ( You see, I’d earned a rather bad rap in Curse Breaker: Enchanted ( because I’d made some poor decisions.

Letting a demon possess me might not have been the best idea I’ve ever had. My passenger caused a fair amount of trouble for my beloved before all was said and done in that story.

But Curse Breaker: Enchanted only told part of the story of us. I wanted the rest on record because I was the best friend Sarn ever had before the demon incident, but you’d never know that if all you read was Curse Breaker: Enchanted.

First Love is my time to shine, and it just might net me a second chance to do right by my beloved if that angel is right. We’ll find out more about that in later stories.

How did you come up with the title for your book?

Okay, I’m back now. This is Ran, Sarn’s son in case you forgot. We (the cast) pick the titles for our books. We didn’t want to leave that crucial decision in our scribe’s hands. Melinda is a wonderful storyteller, but she really sucks at titling things. So that’s where we step in. We spend the hours she’s writing our books debating about what to call them. Aren’t we the best characters ever?

Do you have a day job, or are you a full-time writer? What is your day job? Has it helped your writing?

I do have a day job. I am a Program Manager for a government contractor. (Though, I’m hoping one day to be a full-time writer. I love playing in my imagination!) I do think being a Program Manager has helped with my organizational skills when it comes to organizing the details of my novels, creating a “series bible”, etc. I also believe that it’s helped with proficient time management. Being an author isn’t just about writing. There is a lot more that goes into building your career, such as marketing, socializing with other authors, interaction with fans, etc. And, it all takes up a lot of time.

Tell us about your main character.

Melinda usually writes about my father, Sarn, and me because I’m always with him. Sarn is a quiet, magical guy. He’s also a single father raising me while serving the Rangers that patrol the enchanted forest. According to his boss, the commander of said Rangers, he attracts trouble. I’m okay with that as long his magic is there to shield us from the fallout.

How do you pick your character names?

Papa is a real person. He walked through the portal connecting our world to yours and volunteered for the job of main character. Since he already had a name (Sarn) and a backstory (as people usually do), Melinda just wrote him into the scene she was writing. I showed up a year or two later and introduced myself, but I already had a name. Mama gave it to me. And the rest is history. 🙂

What makes your book different from others in its genre?

Unlike every other epic fantasy book out there, Papa can’t go haring off on adventures without me or I’ll die. So we must stick together as fathers and sons should. Besides, it’s more dramatic that way. Imagine having to sort out childcare in the middle of a magical crisis. Welcome to my Papa’s everyday reality.


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HUNTER’S NIGHT is actually part of the Curse Breaker series. It stars a young papa, me (as the kidnapped baby), and Robin, a lady archer who’s also missing her daughter. She and Papa team up to save us kids from the Wild Hunt. Hunter’s Night will also be the first book in Robin’s breakaway series.


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They took her daughter. Now, she’s hunting them.

They kidnapped her baby and vanished without a trace. But Robin’s not the only distraught parent who weaponed up for the search, and one of them is more dangerous than the kidnappers.

For Robin, failure is not an option. She’ll do anything to save her daughter even team up with a creature she dare not trust.


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