How to Plan the Most Epic Game of Thrones Season Premiere Party

How to Plan the Most Epic Game of Thrones Season Premiere Party

The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on April 14th. And we can’t just let it fade into the abyss. No, it deserves a Game of Thrones party. 

It’s almost unbelievable that this is the final season of Game of Thrones. I can barely remember a time when it wasn’t a part of our cultural zeitgeist. I hear there was a time when the phrase “Winter is coming” meant there were a change of these things called… seasons?

But now, if some poor sap says the phrase, woe betide them if they don’t watch Game of Thrones. They’re sure to be quickly subjected to fan theories on who will win the Iron Throne and lamentations of favorite characters who were lost.

(R.I.P. Ned Stark. We hardly knew ye.)

So we’re going to hold our breath as we kick the final season off. We’ll pray the characters we love (the ones who are left, anyway) survive. We’ll cross our fingers that the greatest villains don’t hold the throne in the end.

And we will par-tay.

Some Suggestions for How to Plan the Most Epic Game of Thrones Party for the Final Season’s Premiere

Food and drink:

When planning your Game of Thrones party, themed and delicious food is a must.

Deviled dragon eggs:

Game of Thrones is known for its dragons, and it wouldn’t be a Game of Thrones party without paying homage to them. Deviled eggs are always a crowd pleaser.

[Source: Buzzfeed]

Sansa’s Lemon Cakes:

A favorite of Sansa’s, lemon cakes are a must-have sweet treat at a Game of Thrones party

Wildfire Cocktail:

Proceed with caution. Real wildfire tears through ships and flesh. If you have a whole tray of these, it may rip through your mind and memories.

[Source: Elletalk]

Game of Thrones Party Pre-Party Activities:

Arrange a home photobooth:

Everyone loves a fun photo booth, so this is no exception. But theme your photobooth this time.

[Source: Etsy]

Game of Thrones bingo:

Watch a selection of favorite past episodes while playing Game of Thrones bingo. (You could also use the prompts as a drinking game, but I recommend doing that on a different night. This is a Game of Thrones party you want to remember, after all.)

[Source: Picmonkey]


Family banners:

Show your family pride with House Stark banners.

Or if you identify with a different family on the show, you can grab those banners too, I guess…

[Source: Amazon]

Meet and greet:

You can really go all out with a faux meet and greet, thanks to this life-size cardboard cutout of Jon Snow.

[Source: Allposters]

Hodor doormat:

Welcome your friends and make sure they let the other guests inside with this “Hold the door” mat


[Source: Etsy]

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