Top 5 Vacations in Space

Top 5 Vacations in Space

Are you the kind that likes to plan ahead? Or maybe you want to get in on investments that will pay off big in the coming space boom. Snag up-and-coming space real estate before it’s even been staked! Here’s our latest intel on the future’s most popular vacations that no one will want to miss!

Our source, who must remain unnamed, works for the largest timeline viewing research lab in the world, and while there are tons of taboo questions they refuse to answer—it has something to do with how discussing the future changes it—it turns out, talking about vacations never hurt anyone and, in fact, never made a single wave in the future they could see.

We’re thrilled to share what we’ve learned with you!

These are the Top Five Most Popular Vacation Packages of the near future!

#5 Guam City Disney/Moon Base Blast—Double package deal
Something for everyone!
Stick close to home and enjoy the Earth the way Apollo does. Spend two weeks in Disney’s orbiting Shangri-La at space’s most luxurious resort town, Guam City. Or zoom around in zero gees in the latest, sportiest, rocket cruiser. Feasting and star-gazing, shopping and sunning—activities are endless!
From there, zip on over to “Camp on the Moon” and enjoy unlimited hours of moon-buggy rides, tumbling classes, and more. Brave the “27 Dimensions” the most elaborate, convoluted mirror maze ever built. Can you break the record for quickest escape?
Packages range from affordable family deals up to luxury plans reserved for Rocket Stars and Space Politicos!

#4 Jupiter Jolt
Only the rugged need apply…
Your excursion to Jupiter includes two months of training with the most sophisticated gear in the solar system, weekly spacewalks, and incredible galaxy photo shoots. Choose from among six different explorations of Jupiter’s moons. Join research expeditions. Excavate potential alien remnant sites. Experience adventure at its most raw, adrenaline-pumping levels with the most seasoned explorers in space!

#3 Movies on Mars
Live the classics!
It all starts with a space cruise like no other you’ve ever seen with multiple movie rooms and opportunities to act the character of your choice in your favorite classic space movies. It’s all practice for the real experience on Mars where each week a different classic film is brought to life, and you get to live it and help direct the plot! Imagine joining the Borg or dressing up as clone troopers and marching around like you own the planet! Pick your favorite classic film, and we’ll make it happen! Spots are limited so sign up ASAP!

#2 Solar Train
Artists and Introverts!
Get away from it all—literally ALL! Take the Solar Train as it tracks an elliptical loop comet-style around the Sun, sightseeing in your own private compartment with any amenity you could wish for. Link with other travelers or isolate to your heart’s content as you explore the glories of space. This was the personal favorite of the famous author, Ben ZenZen, before he vanished into obscurity, and it’s said he wrote his top eight, most popular novels in one of these very pods.
Book your spot now in the beaded space chain and get ready for the most elegant and serene excursion of the galaxy!

#1 Space War
FPS at its most exhilarating!
Suit up, team up, and get out there for the most immersive, intensive gamer experience in the Milky Way. PlanetWare has invested trillions in this gamer’s paradise, complete with a battle sphere worthy of Ender. Choose bunker style accommodations or private “staff” rooms and enjoy an array of bizarre exercises, bulky uniforms, unwieldy weapons, and interesting meals. Want more than a stark décor? Sign up for one of the themed packages with lavishly decked out props and scenery, from alien worlds to fantasy extravaganzas. Week-long camps with prizes for winning teams. Available for private parties. Booked out eight months in advance—get on the list now!


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