Meet The Rogues — Ashlee Nicole Bye

Meet The Rogues — Ashlee Nicole Bye

Author Ashlee Nicole Bye

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always really loved writing but growing up I think the idea of actually being a novelist was just a bit too wild for me to even consider! It wasn’t really until I was in my mid-twenties and studying professional writing (at that point planning on doing something ‘practical’ with it, like communications or editing) that I realised how much I really loved creative writing and decided to start writing a novel.

Have events or people in your life ever inspired scenes or characters in any of your books?

My old toaster inspired a scene in my first book: “Their seven dollar eBay toaster only had two settings: not at all toasted and burnt to a crisp.”

What is your favorite/most frustrating part of the writing or publishing process?

Both amazing AND frustrating is that initial idea moment – I love it when I’m hit with a new idea and start thinking about it and can see in my mind how good it might be. But I also hate it because I have so many ideas already and not nearly enough time to write them all!

What inspired you to write your last book?

My last book (The Darkest Deep) was inspired by an amazing pre-made cover I bought done by the very talented Silvana G Sanchez at SelfPub Designs. I saw the cover and just fell in love with it, so I had to buy it and come up with a story to go with it!

What makes your villain so scary/powerful?

It’s been a while since I wrote a really sinister villain as I’ve taken a bit of a break from my Shadowlands series. Outlaws is a retelling of the Robin Hood legend, so I’m really looking forward to tackling the Sherriff of Nottingham character!

Who designed your book cover?

The cover for Outlaws, my Rogue Skies book, will be done by Francesca at Merry Book Round.

What is the best resource for authors?

There are so many! I guess it would depend on what exactly they need help with, but I think the best place to start is with the wide selection of ebooks on writing, publishing, editing, marketing, etc.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently finishing off a YA paranormal book set in North Carolina.

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