Meet The Rogues — Brantwijn Serrah

Meet The Rogues — Brantwijn Serrah

Author Brantwijn Serrah

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a SoCal girl who loves rain more than shine, a geeky gamer and a walker of strange roads. I moonlight as a futon for five lazy cats and a cookie dispenser for a German shepherd too smart for his own good. I love dark stories and complicated ladies, tales of dark fantasy, paranormal, horror, and high-heat romance. In my spare time, I like to draw, paint, and craft unique book covers for fantastic indie works.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

In first grade. Our class was working on an art activity drawing three animal characters, and the teacher then told us to write up a story about our three characters. I fell in love with storytelling from word one.

Have events or people in your life ever inspired scenes or characters in any of your books?

Absolutely. Most of the characters in my Dark Roads Saga are based on my closest friends and fellow tabletop players.

How did you come up with the title for your book?

Bounty Hunter and the Beast is based on a roleplaying adventure I originally wrote for a homebrew fantasy tabletop game. The adventure was a creature feature in which the players had to hunt down “the river beast”, a local urban legend. When I brought my Dark Roads heroine, Serenity Walker, into the adventure, the title Bounty Hunter and the Beast just came with her.

Tell us about your main character.

Part Malcolm Reynolds, part Harry Dresden, and all brass lady bits, Serenity is a gunslinger and bounty hunter with a unique advantage in her business: a demon partner bound to her, body and soul. With D’aej’s wicked intelligence, dark power, and arcane knowledge, Serenity travels the back roads and outlaw towns of the fantasy world Geiral, tracking down an old mark who got away.

What makes your villain so scary/powerful?

In Bounty Hunter and the Beast, Serenity faces off against a local urban legend known as the River Beast. The problem is, the beast is supposed to be nothing but myth, and though it leaves behind a trail of dark magic, arcane poison, and bloodied kills, it seems impossible to track. It hunts without eating its prey, is rarely seen, and moves across its territory with terrible speed. Serenity’s a seasoned hunter and has her own powerful arcane spirit to rely on… and the river beast has even her running in circles.

Who designed your book cover?

I designed it myself! Along with all the Dark Roads covers.

How did you find your editor?

Celia Breslin has worked on The Dark Roads Saga from Book One. I was fortunate to be assigned to her while working for a small press, and though I left that press in 2018, I’ve continued to rely on Celia to help bring Serenity’s world to life.

What are you currently working on?

The next book in The Dark Roads Saga, as well as my new reverse-harem romance series, which I’ve yet to title. I’ve got about three other series in various states of progress hanging out on my backburners. I can never work on just one project, it seems.

Do you have a day job, or are you a full-time writer? What is your day job? Has it helped your writing?

I work full time in air pollution regulation and environmental justice. Though I feel good about the work I do, it hasn’t yet crossed over into the world of my writing.

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Book Blurb

Bounty hunter Serenity Walker and her demon partner D’aej have arrived in the town of River’s Rest at exactly the wrong time. Crops are dying, children are ill, and a nightmare creature prowls the streets at night. There’s black magic afoot, and it’s up to Serenity to track down the source before River’s Rest is no more.


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