This Word Count is GOALS: Writing Goals and The Tools to Smash Them

This Word Count is GOALS: Writing Goals and The Tools to Smash Them

If you’re an active writer and/or active in any online writing communities, you’ve doubtless heard other writers talk about their word counts and writing goals.

And if you’re anything like me when I was just starting out and cultivating my writing habit–building that writing muscle, if you will–you’ve looked at some of those wordcounts and wondered “How in the world is that humanly possible?

Well, wonder no longer.

I have the tools to help you smash those writing goals, my friend.

For the RPG lover-

I’ve waxed rhapsodic about 4theWords on this blog before. And at the risk of doing so again, 4thewords can help you smash your word count goals. With all of the previously-listed advantages that the site offers, I have one more to add. On 4thewords, you can add your specific project and wordcount deadline goals. It will do the math for you and let you know how many words per day you need.

For the paper planner lover-

Reward yourself by giving yourself even a bigger rush than crossing something on your to-do list off. This sticker method that author V.E. Schwab uses may just be perfect for you!

For the person who has no time-

I strongly recommend you read The Miracle Morning For Writers. By cultivating a habit of getting up early to work, you can create time you never had before.

For the extrovert-

Writing is often a solitary endeavor, and this can be lonely for anyone, but especially extroverts. Try writing in public places or seeking out a local writing group. If you live in an area where you can’t find others in person, try searching the hashtags #writingsprints or #1k1hour on Twitter to sync up with other writers looking to get sh** done. There are also Facebook groups devoted to word sprints as well!

For the introvert-

No one’s going to get it done but you, right? But Scrivener can helpfully remind you to stay on task with their project targets function. It will set a daily goal for you based on your project’s deadline. The further you get to your overall goal, the bar will fill and change shade from red to green. It will do the same for your daily goal, and it’s so validating to see the progress that way!

For the person who celebrates every holiday–even Groundhog Day-

Keep an eye out for internet worldwide events like National Novel Writing Month or “Camp NaNoWriMo!”

Do you use any other tools or methods to smash your writing goals?


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