5 Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies & What To Stuff Your Face With While You Watch Them

5 Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies & What To Stuff Your Face With While You Watch Them

Anyone who has a love of fine dining and relishes an excellent movie knows—these are things that ought to be paired together. We have experts recommending how to pair wines with gourmet dishes, why not films and food?

In the interest of expanding everyone’s ability to enjoy great sci-fi and fantasy, I’ve put together a few suggestions. No doubt there are thousands of ways to pair food and films. Think of the possibilities! Wouldn’t you like to try some of these and then come up with your own?


The hobbits are known for enjoying the simple pleasures in life, and good British fair was Tolkien’s inspiration. Invite your favorite Tolkien-fan friends and enjoy a feast as you watch, eat, and relive the saga together.

Before you sit down to the opening theme song, make sure you’ve spread the table with a variety of pasties, cut in little wedges. Lay out some cheeses such as white Stilton with cranberries, Cathedral Cheddar, and Cotswold. Add some grapes and apple slices. Serve up a crisp hard cider to wash it all down. Snack as Bilbo celebrates his 111thbirthday.

When the council meets in Rivendell to discuss the fate of the ring, you’ll need hearty fair to sustain you. A traditional Sunday roast with potatoes, Brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips, onions, mushrooms, and Yorkshire pudding would be ideal. Be sure to include a good brown ale.

As the fellowship leaves Lothlórien and approaches the Pillars of the Kings, you’ll be ready for a generous helping of sticky toffee pudding, some good-natured jokes about lembas bread, and a glass of port.

A feast fit for a Hobbit.


Sticking with fantasy and British cuisine, this movie begs for simpler food. First off, you must have tea. Offer some crustless tea sandwiches filled with egg salad and cucumber and cream cheese. Don’t forget the scones with jam.

Have a tiny scoop of lime sherbet to cleanse the palate right about when Edmund meets the Queen the first time.

As the beavers share a meal with the children, you’ll be ready to tuck into a main course of fresh fried fish and potatoes along with rustic bread. Provide milk for children, and mead or dark beer for adults.

The dessert—of course—is Turkish Delight and hot chocolate.


Offer your guests a cucumber/strawberry daiquiri before they get settled in their seats for this classic sci-fi film. Once it begins to roll, hand each one a plate of homemade hummus dusted with Hungarian sweet paprika, fresh warm pita strips, cucumbers, and olives. Have nuts, dried fruits, figs, and dates on the coffee table.

For the main course, stuffed peppers with rice and lentils in a tomato curry sauce, and fresh pineapple and mango slices. Serve this with a Sauvignon Blanc.

The last course, if you can remember to eat as the tension builds, is a rich chocolate mousse over dark cherries.


Killer robots from the future make for a big appetite, so get ready and fire up the grill for this one.

As the ominous clanging begins, viewers will want to have a little plate of rumaki in one hand and a rusty nail in the other. While they’re snacking on that, grill up some rib-eye steaks, portabella mushrooms, zucchini, poblano peppers, and green onions. Be sure to offer them a glass of a rich Cabernet. You’re going to want to lay out some corn on the cob and thick slices of potato, as well. Scoop it all onto plates as it comes off the grill and keep it coming till they can’t eat anymore.

As the excitement continues, sheer adrenaline will burn off all the calories, and everyone will be ready for the final course: hot apple pie served with vanilla ice cream. And don’t forget to finish it off with a smooth brandy as the final credits roll.

Don’t forget to top your table decorations off with some shotgun flowers!



This beautifully crafted film deserves a classy meal, so I’ve decided to make fondue the central theme.

Fresh crusty French bread dipped in a pot of melted French cheese served with a glass of Sirrah makes the first course.

As the story progresses, bring out the pot of hot oil, hand everyone long-handled forks and set out platters of food they can choose to deep fry. A selection of bite-sized raw meats, tofu or mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, peppers, and onions. Dipping sauces such as mustard, béarnaise, and garlic butter should be made available.  A nice Merlot will complement this meal perfectly.

For dessert, serve a chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, mini-cream puffs, shortbread, and frozen mint leaves. Try a sparkling Chardonnay to round it off.

And a rich liqueur for the final course, B&B.


No one knows who invented eating while watching a show, but it has certainly become a worldwide pleasure that multitudes appreciate. Ask yourself what your favorite food is and try to think of what film would best go with it. Then invite some friends and make it happen.


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