Meet The Rogues — Tamsin Baker

Meet The Rogues — Tamsin Baker

Author Tamsin Baker

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m an Aussie for one thing- love the land down under. I’m a chiropractor for another. Sciencey stuff by day and awesome magical words by night. I live in a polyamorous relationship with my husband and un-official wife and we have eight kids between us, four of who live with us. So life is never boring!

What inspired you to write your last book?

The most recent book I’ve written is a sci-fi fantasy reverse harem romance. It was inspired by a pre-made cover I fell in love with, and my recent obsession with reading reverse harem.

How did you come up with the title of your book?

Time Hopper? Well, it’s what my heroine does. Time Hop.

Tell us about your main character.

Sarah is awesome. She’s dedicated to her job and her only sister and will stop at nothing to bring her sister’s killer to justice. She has purple hair, her rebellion against the norm, and needs to work on her intimacy issues.

Do you have a favorite scene in the last book you wrote? Tell us about it. 

The scene when one of my heroes is practically brought back to life by my heroines love. Those intense scenes get me every time.

What are some of the things you learned from publishing your first/most recent book?

That you need to write to market if you want to make money. Selling books that are purely written for the love of it are a hard sell. I mean- I know some make it- look at Harry Potter, but it’s a hard slog.

Who designed your book cover?

Jay Aheer! It was a premade actually- and I couldn’t believe how well it fitted the story I’d already written. When I saw the purple hair and the motorbike I couldn’t believe it, and jumped on buying it.

How did you find your editor?

Through another writer friend who is much more of a perfectionist than me. I figured that if Khloe was happy with Carolyn, then I would be too!

What are you currently working on?

A trilogy of wolf shifter Reverse Harem books.

What kind of books do you read in your free time?

Anything that grabs my attention- as long as it’s in the romance line. I can’t stand books that don’t have a happily ever after. But I am partial to menage or M/M.

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Detective Sarah Taylor time-hops for an inter-time agency that stops crimes BEFORE they happen.

She loves her job and believes wholeheartedly in the system.

But when her bosses won’t let her time hop to stop her sister’s murder and the files accidentally go ‘missing,’ Sarah teams up with Geoff. A former time hopper with a personal vendetta against the system he once fought to protect.

The treachery goes right to the top, however, and Sarah and Geoff must prove it before they become the next victim.


Time Hopper is just 1 of 25 stories awaiting you inside Rogue Skies!

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