Sci-Fi Diet Fads of the Future: Why Wait Till Then?

Sci-Fi Diet Fads of the Future: Why Wait Till Then?


Sci-fi has come up with some pretty incredible ideas for future eating and some people aren’t waiting till then to try them. In Woody Allen’s movie, “Sleeper”, people were expected to eat low-carb and high fats and protein, long before Keto became popular. The days where we call steak and cream pies healthy aren’t here yet, but optimistic people have been eating lots of them anyway.

What will future food fads revolve around?

I’ve come up with four suggestions that I’m sure many will agree are compelling. Pay close attention. You may want to be one of the daring innovators that start tomorrow’s fads.


Fad diets could revolve around color. “Eat only blue food!” might be a great way to handle low-gravity situations and make space travel good for you. This is great because a little drop of blue color will make any colorless gel look pretty and we all know how much goop is served in future shows.


How can we apply this concept today? Make a blueberry smoothie or roast some blue corn on the grill. Blue carrots, blue concord grapes, and even blue pansies add fiber and nutrients to a monotone meal.

Want more blue things? Red cabbage turns blue when cooked in a slightly basic solution. Cornflowers can give a nice blue tint, as well. Add these to foods you don’t want to skip on your blue diet. You might want to read this blog on blue food that I thought was fun.

Here’s another way to get used to the idea. Using the seven colors of the rainbow as your guide, make each day of the week a different food color idea. Monday: blue, Tuesday: green… you get the idea. Once you’ve figured out how each color affects you, you can decide what your perfect food color diet will be.


Remember “Wall-E”? Color could be all the rage in the future.



Believe it or not, this is a real thing! One step closer to the Star Trek replicator that assembles food atom by atom according to programmed instructions. The current version involves liquifying food sources and having them printed into pleasing food shapes by a 3D printer. Nursing homes are ideal places to use them because they have residents who have trouble eating and swallowing.

What fad possibilities exist here? The choices are endless! Imagine if you could insert all the nutrients you’re supposed to have, (maybe give them a color), and then print them into food textures and shapes you love?

“I only eat pie,” could be your thing.

“No problem!” your automated nutritionist responds. “I will program your printer accordingly.”


Get a cake decorating kit. Puree some of your favorite foods, thinking about both taste and color. Using different tips for each food item, decorate your plate with puree. Creamed spinach shaped like a leaf, carrot mush in long carrot-shaped wedges.

You’re only limited by your imagination!



Weight loss fads of the future might want to take advantage of a long sleep. We don’t have the technology for ‘cryo-stasis’ yet, but we can cool human bodies down a few degrees for therapeutic purposes. There’s talk of electric stimulation of the muscles during the ‘cold sleep’ as well. I’m sure it won’t be hard to adapt this space travel tactic and make it a body reshaping marvel today!

Not only will you sleep through the misery of fasting, but when you wake up, you’ll have little appetite till your digestive tract wakes up again. It has all the earmarks of a true, viral diet fad.


If you want to experience the illusion of THF, cool down in cold water till your lips turn blue and your teeth chatter. Once you’ve had enough of that, (thirty seconds?), climb out and slip into a sauna. You could even alternate back and forth a few times. Once you’re done, take a nap, and when you wake, pretend it’s been two weeks. You probably won’t lose much weight but being a future-food trendsetter is worth it!


It won’t be long before meals prepared in a space vacuum are all the rage. Talk about cutting edge! Absolute zero temperatures and effortless irradiation make this method ideal for cooking in space and during interplanetary travel. Take those berries and veggies grown in the garden lab, slice them up, toss them in the space vacuum processor and in less than 2 seconds, you’ll have perfectly preserved, frozen food. Store them out there too! No need to build in extra pantry space on your ships because a simple net slung outside the airlock will be all you need. Solar radiation will take care of bacteria but be on the watch because a good flare or two could cook them for you as well.


How can you simulate this upcoming craze?

An ordinary dehydrator will preserve lots of useful veggies at snail speeds. Grab extra when they’re on sale, slice, dehydrate, store in glass jars in dark cabinets. Munch on them as snacks or add hot water like the astronauts.

Freezing foods may preserve them better since you lose less moisture and color, and in some cases, flavor. These jars may not look futuristic, but they last for centuries so I’m sure they’ll be in use for a long time!

That’s nothing…

Just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking for innovation and inspiration, delve into the creativity and imagination of some world-building authors. Read and discover how they picture food in the future… or in alternate worlds. We have 25 science fiction and fantasy books you can preorder now for only $0.99!



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