Month: September 2019

5 Timeline Mistakes to Avoid If You Get a Shot at Traveling in Time

Time travel is a popular theme these days. At some point, most people find themselves thinking up their own scenarios and imagining what they would do. What if you had the chance to go backward or forward in time and tempt the universe, or universes, with your own blunders? You could create a paradox or…
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Birds, Bees, and Mermaids – A Review of Freeform’s Siren, Season Two

I had the pleasure of being on a fan panel for Siren at this year’s DragonCon, so my review includes both my own thoughts and those of my fellow panelists. We generally agreed on most of it with one notable exception, which I’ll discuss below. By the way, there will be spoilers. If you’re not…
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When “Hemingway Style” Gets You Off-Track

There’s an oft-quoted six-word story attributed to Hemingway that goes like this: For sale: baby shoes, never worn It turns out there’s no documented evidence to link this story to Hemingway, and it appears to have come from a play about his life. But it captures what we think of his style. Hemingway made a…
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