Rogue Skies Easter Hop


Hop To It

Hop along to each Rogue Skies Author page to find the secret word, enter each individual author giveaway, collect your exclusive coloring book pages, and when you’ve hopped to them all, put the magic phrase together to be entered to win a $50 Apple gift card!

Author Hop Stops

  1. Mirren Hogan –
  2. C.L. Cannon –
  3. Candace Sams –
  4. Nadine Travers –
  5. Tracy Korn –
  6. Rae Hendricks Р 
  7. Lianne Willowmoon –
  8. Karen M. Bryson –
  9. Melinda Kucsera –
  10. S.A. McClure –
  11. Bill Hargenrader –
  12. Ashlee Nicole Bye –
  13. Brantwijn Serrah –
  14. Candace Segar –
  15. Shereen Vedam –
  16. Missy De Graff –
  17. Bella Andrews –
  18. Joynell Schultz –
  19. Emma Jane Holloway –
  20. Cecilia Dominic –


Enter The Magic Phrase

Enter the magic phrase for your chance to win a $50 Apple gift card! Plus, check out the bonus entries to increase your chances!

Rogue Skies Easter Hop

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Special thanks to DeviantArtists: Sellenin, Anastasia-Berry, Aonika Art, Dan Black, Havanachan, Kibbitzer, Courtney Johnson, for various pose studies and model sheets referenced in the creation of these images.