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Top 5 Fantasy Wedding Looks

Surprise, surprise: I have weddings on the brain these days. Since I recently got engaged (just around a month ago), my brain is pretty much a fun mush of dresses, wedding decor, and florals. So to feed into that wedding fever, I’ve decided to rate some of my favorite fantasy wedding dresses! 5. Buttercup from…
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Traveling Dr. Who Style

Do you love traveling? No matter where you fall into the spectrum of answers to that question, you can be sure there are some things to learn from Dr. Who. Now, there’s someone who knows about traveling! He’s been everywhere, in every time frame, with a number of different companions, in a multitude of cultures…
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Fatal Fashion

We think of clothing as a means of self-expression—fleeting or classic, occasionally silly, and frequently entertaining. Rarely do we think of adornment as dangerous, but history is filled with literal fashion victims. Rewind to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Clothing was dyed by natural sources, so unless one’s wardrobe was exotic and very expensive,…
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