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The Nintendo Book Tag with Missy DeGraff — Rogue Skies Blog

Welcome! Every Tuesday the authors of Rogue Skies will be bringing you some fun book/author tags! So what are tag posts? A tag post is a series of questions that we will answer and then challenge our readers or other blogger and authors to do too! It’s just a fun way to get to know…
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Wizards Unite Is Enchanting The World

  Shh, the Statue of Secrecy must not be broken…except there’s a big problem with that because if you’re a HUGE Harry Potter nerd like me, chances are you’ve already downloaded the new app Wizard’s Unite by Pokémon Go creator Niantic Labs! And although according to the tweet below, the game wasn’t set to launch…
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Making The Connection: What Gamers & Sci-fi/Fantasy Fans Have In Common

  How would gamers find a book they might like? Why would they even want to pick one up instead of playing their favorite game? If you like fantasy or sci-fi games, does that mean you would like that kind of book as well? Actually, yes. Reading a great adventure has as much to offer…
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