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Organizing with “Getting Things Done”

People often ask me how I manage a full-time private practice, which is a job and a half, and a writing career. The answer I would want to give used to be, “not very well.” It wasn’t always that way. But in the past few years, all the tasks became too much for me to…
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Creating Unforgettable Characters

A good book is filled with people we feel we’ve met. We imagine meeting them on the street, or that their name might show up in our inbox.  They exist both inside the book and in an extended version of our own reality because they’ve become part of our consciousness. They think, talk, and act…
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Fighting Dragons…and Writer’s Block Too

  If you’re a writer, chances are, at some point in your career, you have felt cut off, pressed up against a wall, or perhaps as if there is a roadblock or a dragon to slay before you can rescue your book from creativity limbo. You are not alone! Today I’m going to give you…
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