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Five editing tips to save a sinking story

Editing advice is depressingly easy to come by, especially when our work in progress is circling the drain. That’s when the armchair editors come out to play, usually with a sympathetic shrug and sad eyes. Then they gingerly toe our story as if it were a roadkill raccoon. Once we get past the impulse to…
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The Weekend Writer

Unfortunately, the income of most authors is not enough to sustain a mouse, much less a modern household in a large urban city. Without a doubt, this is the most common reason for the rise of the weekend warrior writer, who toils for pay five days a week and pounds on the keyboard during weekend…
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4theWords is 4 the Writers: An Easy Way to Gamify Your Writing

4theWords = 4 the Writers Writing is a job that I love, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t occasionally feel like a chore. Happens with any job, right? So when I hit a particularly difficult slog through my plot, I’m always looking for ways that make even those difficult parts fun. Enter: 4theWords.…
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